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Family Christian:

Fruitful Faith in the Midst of Motherhood

4 Steps Courageously Take a Leap of Faith

4 Steps Pursuing a Heart of Gratitude

7 Ways to Invite Christ into Your Family Life


OUR STORY MAGAZINE, Autumn 2023 issue: Grumbles to Gratitude. 

OUR STORY MAGAZINE, Summer 2023 issue: Summer Faith.

DEAR SISTERS MAGAZINE, Summer 2023 issue: Seeking New Community.

OUR STORY MAGAZINE, Spring 2023 issue: Motherhood.

DEAR SISTERS MAGAZINE, Spring 2023 issue: Being Teachable.

OUR STORY MAGAZINE, Summer 2022 issue: Abundant Fruit by Casey Wayne (28-Day Devotional for Moms) excerpt. 

DEAR SISTERS MAGAZINE, September 2022 issue: Cultivating Faith.

Devotionals for the Heart (Blog):

Your Mind Matters

Feed Your Faith

When God is Your Teacher

Healed For a Purpose

Peek-a-boo Faith

Flaming Faith

Freedom in the Lord

From Weary to Restored

Waiting With Hope

His Plan, Not Mine

Serving As the Lord Leads

Inspire Within (Blog):

3 Things We are Given Through God the Father

The Precious Gift of God’s Grace

Called – Our Relationships with Others (Pt. 2)

Called – Our Relationship with God (Pt. 1)

Handling Conflict with Grace and Forgiveness

God’s Design for Marriage

Calming Our Anger

Waiting Faithfully

Additional Guest Blogs:

SIMPLY SABBATH, Resting to Prepare for growth

HEAR HIM LOUDER, How to Find Your Way When You Forgot Where You Started

THE LOVE OFFERING, Life Surrendered to God’s Plan

Love Lines From God:

Hope and Healing


A Familiar Face