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  • Safe or Stuck?

    Safe or Stuck?

    Guest Blog by Emily Cruz: If I let fear prevent me from doing the things in my life that scared me, I would do approximately zero things. Motherhood would be out of the question, forget about public speaking, and all of my teeth would fall out because you’d never find me at the dentist’s office.…

  • 3 Things I’ve Learned

    3 Things I’ve Learned

    The older I have become and more mature in my faith there are some lessons that God has slowly taught me. Each trial and struggle of life has brought with it more opportunity to learn and growth in faith. These lessons have deepened my faith and trust in a Savior who provides peace, hope and…

  • 6 Tips to Connect With God

    6 Tips to Connect With God

    Life can feel overwhelming, heart-breaking or stressful at times. We all struggle to stay strong through trials and we all need encouragement or direction sometimes. In those moments when we feel like we are drowning or unsure of where to go next, God is with us through the storm. Our best strategy to keep hope…